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About Future Shade

Future Shade is a company in Melbourne that designs, fabricates and installs a range of shade sails, umbrellas, blinds and other structures to assist home-owners, businesses and schools with protecting their assets against UV and rain exposure. Future Shade are capable of providing custom solutions to accommodate just about any practical need in terms of providing shelter from the weather. Future Shade are experts in custom shade sails and provide design, fabrication and installation services to a host of clients throughout Melbourne. Future Shade offer a comprehensive selection of shade sails, umbrellas, Shades Blinds Melbourne and similar structures to accommodate the needs of the residential, commercial and educational sectors throughout Melbourne looking to protect their investments from sunlight, rain and wind. Also, Future Shade can adapt their 3D CAD design technology and custom manufacturing capabilities to provide tensile membranes, cantaports and more for the mining and construction industries. Future Shade provide a thorough and complete service. They can determine the most effective solution and offer advice regarding building permit requirements and other critical factors to assure a successful project. Other installations include alfresco, cantilever and COLA shades and walkways.


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