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About Yoga By The Coast - Fitness & Yoga Classes

"I completed my yoga teacher training in 2010 with Byron Yoga Centre. It was an 8 week intensive that began with us being on our mat for a 6am start and finished around 8:30pm, 7 days a week. At the end of it we were presented with Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching as well as a Level 2 500hour certificate. As an option I also took part in an extra 20hour weekend course with Ana Davis and Bliss Baby that focused on Prenatal Yoga. I came back to Esperance and the stars aligned too perfectly to walk away from and all of a sudden I was the new yoga teacher here. It was new and exciting and challenging and inspiring. And then it was kind of lonely. So I began connecting with other yoga teachers online. I have had to venture out of Esperance to attend workshops, courses, retreats, and kirtan and that has always been so exciting! You never know what kind of a spin someone might put on 'their' yoga. There is always a personal touch and a unique interpretation. I am extremely grateful to have met some pretty amazing teachers in the last few years of being a dedicated yogini. this has provided me with great motivation. I have found that yoga is an endless learning journey. The body and mind are always changing and being challenged, so no two days on the mat are the same. And given this, not only ismy personal practice constantly evolving, but my teaching is also constantly developing. It's one thing to. It is always a pleasure to share ideas and thoughts and experiences through yoga, because essentially, yoga is about our ability to connect. Firstly with our selves, each other and this Earth."


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