West Australian Octopus
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About West Australian Octopus

West Australian Octopus supplies the oceanís freshest and finest octopus to the world. The West Australian Octopus is sought-after because of itís exquisite taste, tender texture and colour. This is down to the unspoiled environment it inhabits, and its special diet of lobsters, scallops and crabs. Iitís no wonder that chefs from over the world celebrate it as the best theyíve ever tasted! To preserve the freshness and quality of our product, we prepare, pack and store our catch on the harbourís edge in our state-of-the-art processing facility, ready to shipped to the globe - for wholesale and retail purposes. We have the largest dedicated facility of its kind in Australia, featuring live holding tanks, high-capacity freezing / storage facilities, large-scale cooking operations and more - all to ensure you get the freshest tasting octopus. Operating from Geraldton, Australia, we have managed to create a sustainable octopus fishing industry in Western Australia. We are committed to practising responsible fishing practices, such as developing and using traps that ensure no bycatch, and also causes no harm to the animals. With our own vessels, licences and processing facility - weíre in complete control of the entire fishing process - ensuring that we maintain a high level of quality across everything we do. Please contact us about our raw wild-caught West Australia Octopus today, and find out for yourself why our products are praised worldwide. For more information and recipes please visit our website: http://westaustralianoctopus.com


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