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About We Love Paws & Claws

With a passion for owning pets and fulfilling their needs in the best possible way, We Love Paws n Claws was initiated. While we understand how difficult it is to find the right accessories for pet dogs and cats, we can make the work easy where you are likely to come across innovative yet essential pet products in Australia that the pets would need. Right from their clothing to their running cables, feeding bowls to bed shelters, you are to come across all of them at out store to buy dog products online while making a pick depending on the needs of the pets. 


Why Choose Us?

• Each product at our store is the result of our love for pets

• Unmatched customer support 

• Easy to use accessories 

• Competitive Rates

• A variety to make a choice on 

• Quick delivery

• Easy payment options


Our product Categories

For dogs & cats....


• Luxury dog beds

• Grooming Kits

• Luxury Dog Bowls

• Clothing essentials

• Health essentials

• Toys 

• Collars & Leads

• Flea & Worming

• Feeding Essentials

• Litter

• Home Accessories

•Travel Accessories


Natural Dog Treats

• Beef Products

• Chicken Products

• Pork Products

• Kangaroo Products


Natural Animal Solutions

• Eye and Ear

• Grooming

• Joint Care

• Skin Care


Pet Aromatherapy


Being in the leading position for selling the best homemade dog treats in Melbourne, we make sure each of treats we sell is high on nutrients and suitable for your pet’s health.





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