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About Velo Cycles

Velo Cycles is a friendly, community-oriented bike store located in Carlton North on the Capital City Trail, one of the busiest cycle paths in Melbourne. We have variety of bikes, parts, and accessories for sale and our high-quality workshop will service almost any bike, trike or unicycle you may wheel into the store.Our philosophy is matching you to a bike that will best suit your needs – something which you’ll want to ride every day. We just like sharing what we love – we ride our bikes every day and we hope you’d like to do the same. Reliable, dependable transport you are confident will get you from A to B, or beyond. We focus mainly on commuting, lifestyle, touring and kids bikes and scooters, with a modest selection of performance-oriented bikes or custom builds. Our Velo Electric & Folding store specialises in e-Bikes, pedalecs and folding bikes. That being said, many of our customers buy for recreational purposes and we’re only too happy to run through your options.With bike brands such as Jamis, Kona, Surly, Fuji, Brompton, Gazelle, eZee, Tern, Wallerang and Australia’s Apollo, ByK and Velectrix with accessories from Brooks, Ortlieb, Nutcase, Melon and Bell Helmets you’re getting the best possible value for money.We value our connection with you and the wider community. Most of our customers learn about us through word of mouth or of course just by riding past the shop. We’re open extended hours – weekdays from 8 am until 6:30 pm and both Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until 5 pm. That way, you can drop your bike off before work and pick it up after work, or drop through on a weekend when you’re not working but we are. Servicing can be booked during the week.We look forward to seeing you riding through soon – even if it’s just to get some air in your tyres.


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