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About VIC Sawing & Drilling

Vic Sawing and Drilling specialises in concrete cutting, concrete grinding, concrete sawing and concrete drilling for both commercial and domestic projects. Our friendly and experienced team members service all of Victoria and conduct all work with an affordable price guarantee. We work on civil construction sites & large commercial concrete cutting jobs that require safety tickets & importantly the right equipment to get the job done on time Our experienced team members will assess all jobs before commencing work to determine the correct tools and methods that will be necessary to execute the job in an efficient and safe manner.


We possess the necessary high quality wall sawing equipment to conduct fast, accurate cuts on either concrete or masonry. Using a specialised track, the saw is fixed to the surface intended to be cut, and the saw is controlled remotely by our operator. This ensures a safe work environment and produces exceptionally precise cuts, every time.


Our Services:


Concrete Drilling,

Concrete Cutting Melbourne,

Ring Sawing,

Rock Drilling,

Hand Sawing,

Core Drilling,

Wire Sawing,

Wall Sawing,


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