Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne
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About Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Our Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne team members specialize in cleaning all types of upholstery such as couch cleaning, lounge cleaning, and sofa cleaning etc by either using steam or dry cleaning methods. We can clean fabrics such as cotton and tapestry effectively without damage or discolour. We can remove any stain which cannot remove at house, our team use unique type of cleaning products which removes every stain no matter how old it is. After cleaning your sofas, couches and any other leather product, we apply special polish to regain its natural color and make them look like new ones. The chemicals in our products are user-friendly, so the non-toxic application means it's safe straight away for your children and pets. These chemicals keep your upholstery safe from any discolour or any other damage. Our staff is professionally skilled to do their job so we give 100% client satisfaction. For more info: info@skcleaningservices.com.au and 1300 284 115



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