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About Unisex Toilet Sign -Braille Options

Welcome to Braille Options. We are the leading name for cutting edge braille signage in Australia with nearly four decades of expertise. Are you searching for custom braille signage and tactile signs in Australia to make your place of business-friendly for visually impaired people? At Braille Options, we design, fabricate and supply high-quality braille, Unisex Toilet Sign and tactile signs for individuals and businesses. Studies show that more than 575,000 people in Australia struggle with blindness or vision impairment. For them, braille is the only option to read the signboards with their fingers and guide themselves without seeking the help of others. With just six dots, braille translates into numbers, symbols, and letters of the alphabet. Blind individuals see through their different faculties: touch, smell, sound, taste, and nature. They may not consider items to be located individuals see them, yet they frequently observe parts of things that located individuals don't.


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