Emergency Lighting Solutions

UPLEC provide all of your Emergency Lighting Solutions from repairs to new installations of all sizes. We also provide Testing solutions from simple regulation testing to completion of full Asset registers.   Emergency Exit Lights – What Business Owners Need To Know Emergency Exit Lights and signs are a requirement in just about every business setting in Australia and in just about every size room. They are an essential safety feature that has been required to help those who are inside the building if a fire was to occur and the lights went out in the building, making it impossible to see where to go to exit the building. The lighting does have to meet certain building codes and regulations to ensure it’s installed where it can easily be seen in a fire and will need to be maintained regularly to ensure it’s working properly.   Why Are Exit Lights Important? When a fire breaks out in a building, the lights will often go out and the smoke can fill the room, making it difficult or impossible to see even during the day with the sun shining in the windows. If it’s night time or dark outside because of the weather, people can easily become trapped in a dark building and die because they cannot see to get out and away from the fire. Emergency Exit Lights prevent this as they stay lit even when the electricity goes out and helps guide anyone in the building to a safe exit.
Added by UPLEC Solutions on Sunday 9 September 2018
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