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About Tuza Horse Floats

From our office in Mulgoa, NSW, Tuza delivers the finest horse floats and trailers all over Australia. Our products are found on farms throughout the country, having been purchased by handlers who recognise superior strength, durability and safety when they see it.


A Short History
We have been a float manufacturer since 1964, building a wide range of horse transport solutions. As a result, the Tuza family has created a business that is trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to floats that truly take care of your horses no matter the destination.


Support Olympians Can Trust
Our horse trailers are so well-known, they were chosen as the official transportation method for equestrian events at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. This is because their heavy-duty design was durable and reliable enough to perform as needed in these professional sporting events. These Olympic horses were true stars who had to be treated properly to get a chance for the gold.


Protection for the Future
Our support extends to all customers in the horse industry. In fact, our floats all come with a full 24-month warranty on materials and workmanship plus a 5-year warranty on our Flexi-Glide suspension systems. We can offer this sort of protection as we believe the high quality of our trailers will look after you and your horses for a very long time to come.


Our Range of Floats
We can build practically any type of horse float for sale including straight load, extended load and angle loads. We can also build weekenders and gooseneck horse trailers. For more information about our range, check out our website.

Second Hand Floats
We also have a range of second-hand horse floats for sale. For the latest stock and pricing, visit our website.

Australia-Wide Delivery
Are you looking for a horse float for sale in NSW, QLD or Victoria? We can deliver a new or second-hand horse float to anywhere in Australia.


Getting in Touch
For a horse float you'll love, call the friendly team at Tuza. Remember: when it comes to supplying the national top horse handlers, champions always prefer Tuza.


Travel Directions

Tuza Horse Floats Location

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