Treasured Tots Fremantle
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About Treasured Tots Fremantle

Treasured Tots has raised the bar of quality education and care. Being privately owned centres with passionate owners, active in the daily operations creates a personal and caring environment. We promote optimum quality care for children by fostering open communication between families and educators. We make every endeavour to support all children’s daily transition from home to Treasured Tots. Treasured Tots is a 'home away from home' for our team and families.

Treasured Tots bases their programs on an educational focus when planning learning experiences and routines. Our program is sourced and built using equal parts of children’s interest, family input, community focus and intentional teaching. Whilst we provide a variety of structured educational activities, we also believe in the value of allowing children to explore and discover the world through play. Each day in our care children will have the opportunity to take part in visual arts, singing, dancing, musical play, dramatic play, and a whole range of indoor and outdoor real life experiences all within a safe, nurturing environment. Treasured Tots develops children to be independent, confident learners and ensures they are well prepared for formal schooling.


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