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About Thornlie Podiatry

Here at Thornlie Podiatry, our experienced and friendly podiatrist David is committed to finding the best outcome for your foot health. David graduated from the prestigious University of Western Australia. His higher education and experience in the podiatry field, has given him the skills to treat all foot related problems. He specialises in orthotic therapy, ingrown nails, cracked skin and chronic disease management. 

If you suffer from diabetes, ingrown toenails, foot/ankle pain or require orthotics contact us today. We understand that the pain in your feet is causing a hindrance to your life but we know how to help! Let us transfrom that pain into a feeling of ease and comfort so we can help you get back on track to enjoying everything life has to offer with pain free feet.

We have solutions for - Shin Pain Treatment - Mortons Neuroma Treatment - Diabetes Education and Foot - Care Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment - Heel Pain Treatment - Metatarsalgia Treatment - Tough Nail Issues - Hallux Treatment - Choosing a Good Shoe - Orthotics - Shockwave Therapy - Bunion Pain - Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Pronation & Flat Feet - Plantar Wart Treatment


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