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Recycled Rags (Coloured & White Tshirt Rags)

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Lint Free Printers Wipes

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Economical for high usage factory and garage settings. Great rag r...


The TIDDOX® industrial range of wipes are tough and durable and manufactured to be thicker and more absorbent than traditional wipes, making them ideally suited to industrial applications where superior strength and absorbency are required. TIDDOX grease and oil absorbent wipes are suited to manufacturing, mining, engineering, printing, painting, oil and marine industries. TIDDOX INDUSTRO WIPES are industrial strength large white sheets (40cm x 55cm) of highly absorbent, low lint cloth used in window cleaning applications, but also great to wipe away grease, paint, oil, chemicals and cleaning agents. TIDDOX SOLVENT RESISTANT WIPES are very thick, strong wipes with a courser texture perfect for wiping away rust and all types of fluids including oil, inks, solvents, grease, chemicals and cleaning agents. Highly absorbent in water, oil and paint and resists solvents (will not break down when used with them)
Added by TIDDOX on Saturday 24 February 2018
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