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About Sydney Electrical Services

If you have a need for a Sydney electrician company authorised as a level 2 electrician service provider, then you need Sydney Electrical Service. We do quality, reliable electrical services, Sydney suburbs included. Our team is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. We have the experience and connections to plan, handle paperwork, and provide the entire service you need.

We arrive licensed, insured, experienced, and certified to handle your electrical needs so you can go back to your own project resting assured we’ve sent a seasoned Sydney electrician to handle all your electrical needs.

Electricians take on many roles

There are a lot of things that an electrician will handle for you, from smaller jobs and repairs to larger and more complex installations. To get the best from your level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire make sure they have a license. If you are looking for a specific level electrician you also need to make sure that license is for that, and that it is not out of date and that it is for the right area. Whatever role your electrician has to play they should have the right tools, have insurance and have the authenticity to carry out those tasks.
The different levels of accreditation

There are different levels of training and accreditation an electrician can achieve, the more they study the higher the level of the license they can get. A level one electrician is one that can do all the jobs around your property you might have including repairs, maintenance and such. Most people when they need an electrician need a level 1. A level 2 electrician can do all of that too, but they have the additional training to handle more to do with the power network supply. They can connect and disconnect properties from either overhead or underground power lines, install meters, do repairs on power lines and so on. Then a level 3 can do all of that, but also has the training to actually design systems too.


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