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At Shane Keri Dance (SKDance) we specialise in group classes and wedding dance lessons. We are bringing people together through music dance lessons; it's not just about learning to dance but how to enjoy the journey. Our charismatic style & skill, with lots of energy and exciting instruction make it a great experience for you. We believe your first dance lessons is meant to be the best lesson, fun a significant and meaningful part of that new journey, no matter a group class or your wedding, Our attention to detail and years of experience in social classes and choreography will ensure your first dance lesson is as unique as you are, and equally memorable and entertaining and fun. You will keep fit and healthy with dance and meet new friends in our social classes and for your wedding we will create a unique dance specially for you. Dance lessons are a great way to challenge and expand your partnership as a single or a couple and through dance you will learn how to communicate with each in a new language, how to listen to the music and each your partner, and how to collaborate together in a shared learning experience towards a common goal.


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