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Scarborough Massage - AHF Massage

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Scarborough Massage - AHF Massage
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About Scarborough Massage - AHF Massage

My name is Adam Hansen, and Iím a massage therapist and fitness coach in Scarborough. I am happy to help you in many other areas of your health and wellbeing, as I am a qualified Naturopath, Personal trainer, Massage therapist, and Counsellor (NLP). My services include: Sports massage, Trigger point therapy, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology (foot massage), Swedish/Relaxation massage, Emmett technique and Mobile Corporate massage. Removing knots and treating back and shoulder pain is what I do best ! With over 10 years of experience, your tight and sore muscles will be in good hands. I am passionate about helping people transform their lives, this is why I have studied so many different modalities of treatments. All of these different modalities that Iíve studied help to build a 3 dimensional view of my clients, so I can best ascertain where some of the issues are really coming from.


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