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About Rogers Little Loaders

We have hundreds of hours experience on machines big and small working on mining projects to multiple home earthwork renovations. Our professionalism and operating precision will ensure the task is completed fast and effectively. Wet hire rates include machinery, all attachments and tilt trailer used by the operator. 3 Machinery Specs The Kanga's innovative design makes it perfect for domestic earth works. Being only 1050mm wide enables easy access through small openings to your desired location. The Kanga also has the greatest ground clearance compared to it's competitors of 185mm perfect for rough terrain. For full specifications .. Read more takes to Attachment and Uses page. - DIY, No Licenses Required. - Tipper Trailer. - Pickup or Delivery Anywhere In Brisbane - From As Low As $160. Mini Loader Hire Brisbane Rogers Little Loaders Call: 0468 477 937 Email: Address: 1A Church Street North, Redbank 4301, QLD, Australia Tags: Kanga, KangaSeries6, StandardBucket, Standard Bucket, Auger, Auger Attachment, Trencher, Leveler, Trailer, Hydraulic Tilt Trailer, Hire, Rental, Hiring, Australia, Brisbane, Qld, Construction, RogerslittleLoaders, Rogers, Little, Loaders, Machinery, Types of machinery, Queensland Tags: #Kanga #KangaSeries6 #StandardBucket #Bucket #Auger #Attachment #Trencher #Leveler #Trailer #HydraulicTiltTrailer #MiniLoader #Hire #Rental #Rent #Hiring #Australia #Brisbane #Qld #Construction #RogersLittleLoaders #Rogers #Little #Loaders #Machinery #Machineries


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