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About RK Rose - Krieger Australia

Rose + Krieger is a full-service provider offering a wide range of linear components, profile aluminium technology, connecting and modular technology. We are a subsidiary of the globally-active Phoenix Mecano AG and our decades of experience and application expertise in various industry sectors means that we are the best choice to assist with your next project.

Visit our website to learn more about our range:www.rk-rose-krieger.com/english

Visit our CAD library to start designing today:www.bit.ly/CAD-1Visit our blog to start learning more: rk-aus.blogspot.com

Request catalogues now: www.bit.ly/RK-CAT2

Linear Technology- Moving and Positioning

Guiding, adjustment, positioning or uniform motion, the requirements for linear motion operations are as numerous as the solutions.

We offer you a wide spectrum of linear motion components, whether an occasional manual movement, frequent operation, or continuous high dynamic positioning, we have the product to cater.


Connection Technology- Clamp and Release

Connecting precision round and square tubes with stability whilst also making releasing easy appears to be a difficult task.

The RK connecting technology, which has been proven over years of use, meets this requirement in a reliable and hassle free manner.


Profile Technology-Strength and Versatility

What matters is not only the profile; it is also the connection between the profiles.

Years of application experience have resulted in a drilling-free industrial aluminium profile system which can meet almost any requirement. Unlimited creativity combined with the highest levels of flexibility and proven reliability offers you a multitude of solutions to fit your requirements.


Module Technology-Kits and Subassemblies

Automation is as versatile as people are and each project usually demands its own custom solutions.

Our assistance through the supply or assembly of kits or completed assemblies helps streamline your systems and enables you to focus on other key elements of your project.


2D and 3D CAD Library

Visit our website to download and start designing today.


Rose+Krieger Product Information feed

Keep in touch with the latest R+K application, product info and discussion at


Request Rose+Krieger Catalogues

For the latest R+K product specs. To see our full range or to arrange a visit from one of our technical specialists, simply visit our catalogue request page



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