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About Quit Smoking 4Good Wollongong

Lifetime Support!    Lifetime Guarantee!

We Won’t Stop Til You Do!

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, We help smokers become the non-smokers they were born to be, by addressing your specific reasons for wanting to quit! Each session is tailor made using a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistics Programming (N.L.P). A single session is generally all that’s required for the majority of clients however, whether one or two sessions, we support you for life!




Clinical Hypnotherapist:  CHt.  ClinHyp (91542nsw)

NLP Practitioner:  NLP Prac (91543nsw)

Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist: 1214-100167 

Health Fund Number:  ASCH-1637


Professional Member of:

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia – (PCHA) Registered Number: 2114

Australian Hypnotherapists Association - (AHA) Accreditation number:  PM2014055

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia Register - (HCAR) Registration Number: 1300164

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists – (ASCH) Membership Number: 1637N

Australian National Hypnotherapy Register – (ANHR) Registration Number: 1300164

Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association – (IMDHA) Registration Number: 1214-100167


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