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About Pyro Oz Productions Pty Ltd


Pyro Oz - the trusted name in fireworks

Welcome to the magic and fun of Pyro Oz!

There is nothing in the world of entertainment that can match fireworks in terms of brilliance, excitement and drama. And Pyro Oz is at the forefront of pyrotechnic excellence.

Pyro Oz provides pyrotechnic entertainment for festivals, sporting events, community celebrations, corporate events, product launches or any special occasion.  

Every Pyro Oz client is of equal importance and benefits from our commitment to quality.  Whether your event is large scale or small, Pyro Oz designs will deliver you the best in pyrotechnics whilst maintaining the highest level of customer service, safety and client satisfaction.  With Pyro Oz you have a partner in your celebration; Pyro Oz works with you to make your job easy and your event fantastic fun!

Pyro Oz offers a wide range of options to ensure your specific needs are met.  The services we provide include indoor pyrotechnics, close proximity effects, outdoor aerial firework displays, confetti & streamers, flame effects, custom ground display pieces, handcrafted PyroWrite© signs, PyroBox© logos, dry ice fog and industrial strength bubble machines.  Our displays are custom designed around your over-all theme, venue size, budget, and any specific needs you may have.

Pyro Oz offers more bang for your buck. The products we select to use in our shows are of the highest quality fireworks.  We provide fireworks displays and pyrotechnic effects for events throughout Australia, including in NSW, Qld, Vic, SA, WA, ACT and NT.  We organise permits from all relevant authorities for your event and we have $20 million Public Liability Insurance.  Our Pyrotechnicians are fully trained to ensure that your event is both safe and spectacular. 

Pyro Oz has the expertise, resources and creative vision to dazzle your audience.

Make Pyro Oz your fireworks company of choice.



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