Domestic Plumbing

We offer plumbing solutions for every home or apartment. Our domestic services are listed below, backed by our guarantee of quality service. Please enquire about our maintenence plans to ensure your peace of mind. Tap washers – we take preventative care when fixing dripping taps. Our company policy is to change the washer, check the condition of the seat, re-seat if necessary, change the o-ring in the spindle and lubricate. This is a full service of your taps that always includes both hot and cold washers. Toilets – if your toilet sticks and continues to run it may just require a new outlet washer. We carry a large range of washers and valves on our trucks and have the ability to service them on the spot with advice on your toilet’s present condition. Hot water services – most houses have an electric storage tank that may be rusting and very hot. This is a good indication that the tank is on its way out, we can supply and install all brands available on the market at a competitive rate. We also remove your old heater from the site. Relief valve – we also replace your relief valve at the side of your hot water tank. If it is dripping now it will only get worse. We can supply and install gas and instantaneous hot water services. If you currently have a gravity fed hot water service, consider having a gas service installed backed up by an instantaneous heater. That way you don’t need to constantly adjust the taps for an even temperature in the shower. Blocked drains – we have both the electric eel and high pressure water jet drain cleaning services. We prefer to run the water jet as we believe it gives a cleaner and smoother finish on the inside of your pipe work.
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