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About Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services has a 40 year plus history in investment property acquisition and management on behalf of our clients.

Throughout those four decades, respected independent evaluation has shown we produce market-leading returns. They are consistently beyond those of Australia’s recognised investment benchmarks.

We achieve these results for you through a blend of:

Experienced and talented staff led by our founder, Jock Bing.

An exclusive, proprietary and emotion-free research and acquisition process.

Adherence to world class operational values.

Membership of Australia’s leading property, financial and investment licensing bodies and professional associations.

Transparency in all our dealings, typified by the responses to our most frequently asked questions.

When you choose the Portfolio Management Services philosophy—emotion-free, fact-focused, market-led analysis and client-driven acquisition and property management services—you know you have a time-honoured formula working for and behind you.


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