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About People's Chiropractic Glenhaven

"A natural and effective approach to health and wellness. At The People’s Chiropractic, we are determined in improving the community’s overall quality of life, empowering people to reach their health and wellness goals. We understand that occasionally our bodies go through stages of experiencing discomfort or not functioning the way they used to or should be! This can be a result of different imbalances in our muscles, our joints or in our central nervous system (this is the chief, connecting and communicating with all aspects of our body). Our bodies are extraordinary, born with their own natural resources and ability to self-heal. Luckily, we recognise this and are experts in locating and facilitating this natural healing response.We have a holistic view of people’s wellness, acknowledging the need to balance the whole body and make healthy lifestyle choices. Each person, their function, their movement and their health concerns are different – so we take the time to create a person


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