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About Oxford Street Podiatry

Located amongst the Doric St Shops and within Horizon Physiotherapy, Scarborough Podiatry provides convenience and easy access to those who live or work in Scarborough, Wembley Downs, Innaloo, Churchlands and Woodlands.

Our podiatrists are Grace, Navid and Chris. Grace specialises in dealing with high risk feet and circulatory problems, such as those in need of diabetic foot care. Navid specialises in all foot-related health aspect but takes a particular focus on biomechanical implication on foot function and ingrown toe nails. Chris practises as a Specialist Podiatric Surgeon and Sports Podiatrist. As a result, he specialises in sports injuries and reconstruction surgeries of the foot and ankle. To find out more about our podiatrists, get to know them on our website:

If you suffer from diabetes, flat feet, heel or knee pain, plantar warts, plantar fasciitis or require orthotics then contact us today. We understand that the pain in your feet is causing a hindrance to your life but we know how to help! Let us transform that pain into a feeling of ease and comfort so we can help you get back on track to enjoying everything life has to offer with pain-free feet. After all, who better to help than those who take pride in fixing feet? We’ll see you in our clinic!


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