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At Outpak Resources we sell an extensive range of packaging and warehouse supplies at bulk wholesale prices, all throughout Australia. Next day delivery within greater Melbourne is standard, and we can also deliver to regional and interstate businesses. Our range of quality products includes pallet handling accessories, packaging and mailing, safety equipment, an assortment of knives, tapes, general cleaning & warehouse supplies, and much more. We also sell industrial and hi-visibility clothing and footwear.
Outpak Resources stocks a wide range of competitively priced packaging supplies including cardboard boxes. Companies and individuals alike depend on the availability of packing and moving boxes and require versatility for packaging, storage and transportation purposes, at wholesale prices. 
We also stock a range of packaging supplies specifically for fragile goods. While scrunched up newspaper provides a great cushioning effect, making it ideal for preparing fragile goods such as glass and china for transit, It's not always recommended to wrap the goods themselves in newspaper as the news ink may occasionally leave an unwanted mark on the packaged item. We suggest packing the fragile items in butcher paper, the most economical and clean option. Wrap the items, place them in packing boxes and fill all the gaps with newspaper or similar, effectively immobilizing the goods and reducing the chances of anything breaking during transit.
When purchasing bubble wrap for transporting goods, we have various bubble sizes and sheet layers depending on the protection and cushioning needed.  Not only businesses use this product regularly. Many individuals will choose bubble wrap over other packaging material when e.g. preparing for a house move or sending presents to their loved ones. It will protect anything from homeware and decorations to furniture and electronics. It will enable you to safely move wine glasses and dessert bowls and can be used to protect valuable paintings, computers, TV monitors and much more. Anyone can buy a roll, cut as much as needed for a specific item, wrap it tightly and seal it with tape and a safe transportation is almost guaranteed.
Packing tape, masking tape, double sided tape, gaffer tape... The list is endless! Different types of tapes have different properties suited to specific applications. Whether you need to seal your moving boxes, mask off areas not to be painted, stick two surfaces together, set up some lighting or hang up some posters, Outpak has the tape that is right for you.


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