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About OnPsych

onPsych is an Australian-based organization that aims to bridge the gap between mental health professionals and patients who need access to high-quality mental healthcare. Whether the individual is a student, young adult, parent, divorcee or any other individual going through a challenging mental health condition, onPsych works closely with them to help them get the help they need and deserve.


onPsych also offers psychological services via Telehealth (onPsych online) to children, adolescents, adults and families across Australia. For those individuals living in regional areas and have a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP, this service can be bulk-billed (no gap fee). For those who are not eligible to claim under Medicare, onPsych offers competitive private rates.


Our passion and our commitments are centered on improving the lives of all Australians and we strive to do this by working together with General Practitioners, Schools, Support Groups and Private Businesses to make sure that every single person, regardless of any constraints, gets a chance to receive the mental health care support they deserve.


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