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About Ogilvie Dental Centre.

Ogilvie Dental Centre is a dental practice based in Mount Pleasant, Perth, WA. We are a family-owned practice committed to providing the highest possible standard of dental treatment. Members of our dental team have a wide range of expertise, particularly in the areas of: Dentures, Crowns & Bridges, Implants, Root Canals, Seniors, Special Needs Patients, Anxious Patients and Emergency Dentistry. From simple dental care consultations to more complex procedures, our dentists will help you achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful teeth. We also offer all aspects of General Dentistry including; Treatment and prevention of dental problems, General check-ups and cleans, Emergency dental treatment, Tooth Whitening, Crowns and Bridges, Implants and Geriatric Dentistry, Mouthguards, Sportsguards, Invisilign, Wisdom Tooth Surgery, Extractions and Dentures. Our patients come from all over Perth including Applecross, South Perth, Mount Pleasant, Como, Manning, Brentwood, Bull Creek, West Perth, Nedlands, Leederville and Ardross.


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