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About North Shore Landscaping

North Shore landscaping is a group of leading professionals who take deep pride in serving you with design, construction and maintenance of landscaping. Our team of professionals are ever enthusiastic about new projects who work to achieve optimum yet affordable solutions to your requirements. North Shore landscaping is serving the Sydney regions for years to provide our customers with optimum satisfaction with regard to their landscaping needs. We employ experienced professionals who undertake deep analysis of customerís requirement and develop the most appropriate alternative to the problem. Our services extend to residential and commercial landscaping that includes architectural and design of landscapes, construction of landscapes and maintenance of landscapes. We also specialise in custom pool building and maintenance among many others. When it comes to residential landscaping, we provide innovative solutions for renovating your lawns and yards, or constructing a whole new one. Initiating the process by understanding the requirement and budget of customer and then proceeding to site inspection and evaluation. After evaluating and keeping in mind the basic idea, a range of designs are presented to customers to choose from. Commercial estate projects are challenging in the sense that they are bigger in terms of scale, input requirements and design requirement. We at North Shore Landscaping provide dynamic leadership in undertaking commercial projects and provide you with competitive design and services that succeed in meeting global benchmarks. Our team has achieved great level of expertise in developing the most appropriate design and undertaking to implement it in a timely and efficient way. We offer timber decking and bench seating, retaining walls construction, custom balconies and terraces, water feature installations, a variety of paving and tiling, cabanas/pergolas and what not. Apart, pool designing, construction and maintenance is one of the fields we specialise in.


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