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About Nepal Tourism Package

The foundation of the company was laid by Mr Hemant Sharma in the year 1986, at the age of 22, pursuing higher education research on Karl-Marx beyond Maters in Economics and MBA had passion for travelling all by himself, Gulliver at heart and Columbus in mind Hemant Sharma was the first one who set in motion what would later become tourism nodes in many regions far in deep Himalayas and Jungles where travellers were astonished to get tourism equipment to hire use for hiking, skiing, surfing, for their choice of healthy food and drinks or for their leisure best of wine, liquor, wine cigarettes, Mr Hemant is considered as a real pioneer in developing tourism activities in remote regions, helping local villagers to better their incomes and making them ambassadors for the region, who else would have thought beyond self-minting money spinning only me impulse by Marx but driven to Dollar embolden George Washington in belief he always maintained have Marx in Mind but travel towards Washington enrich with dollars so do Nepal become sustainable and rich for themselves and ensured Tourism Rich Nepal .


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