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About Neat & Sweet Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

Whether it is your house or the office that you own, a clean premise is something that all of us like. Dirt is something that brings discomfort, health issues and most importantly destroys the aesthetics of a place. This is when you need to pay special attention to the cleanliness, and it isn’t always that you can do the same all by yourself. Either due to other commitments or simply the inability to perform difficult cleaning tasks, you are bound to hire the professional cleaners. 


This is where we come to the picture. While being several years into the business, we as a team ensure that your premises get the best cleaning services that you ever received. Whether it is a commercial space, an office or your house in Melbourne, Dandenong and Richmond, there is equal attention paid to each of it and accordingly cleaned to perfection. We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients where they trust us for years while we help out with new and improved cleaning services with every passing day. 


Our Services

• Commercial Cleaning

• Domestic Cleaning

• Office Cleaning

• Carpet Steam Cleaning


How We Work


Here is an outline of how we take up the cleaning tasks. 

• We come over to inspect your premises 

• We note down the areas that need cleaning (floors, furniture, upholstery, carpets, rugs, etc.)

• We present you with the necessary quotes

• Once we decide on the work date and time, we come over 

• We equip ourselves with high-quality cleaning tools for the best results.  


Travel Directions

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