Naturopathy in Fighting Cancer
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About Naturopathy in Fighting Cancer

In the present world, cancer poses the greatest threat to human health, prematurely claiming thousands of lives, while severely debilitating millions of others. Cancer is a collective term used to refer to a multitude of diseases, which show abnormal patterns and degrees of human cell multiplication. Subsequently, these extraneous cells attack the surrounding organ systems and are transported to other distant organs by the bloodstream. Their migration through blood is termed as metastasis and frequently leads to death, by impairing the functionality of these organs. Nutritionists in Parramatta estimate that cancers of the skin, breast, prostate, bowel, and lungs account for the majority of cancers diagnosed in Australia. The increased incidence of cancer is largely attributed to the dramatic rise in the consumption of processed, refined, and denatured food products since the last century. Also, the exposure to a multitude of hazardous chemicals and industrial radiations hasnít helped.


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