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About Metrix Automation

If your business is looking for industrial automation in Australia, Metrix Automation is here to provide you with the Unitronics products you’re looking for. We specialise in both PLCs and HMIs, as well as our own proprietary software that’s compatible with all Unitronics technology.

Our company was founded with a strong background of sales, mechanics, and engineering. We can offer the insight and knowledge any automated industry needs when dealing with Unitronics hardware and software. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or you’re transferring over to your first automation software, Metrix Automation can help.

Unitronics and Metrix Automation provide a diverse service across many different applications. Our HMIs and PLCs can be used in the waste management industry, in food processing, for petrochemical needs, in the automotive industry, the textiles industry, the plastics industry, and much more. Choose Metrix Automation as your primary source for Unitronics products and other integrated softwares.

If you’re looking to contact a Metrix Automation customer service representative, call 1300 599 627  or email us at


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