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Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Types of Soft Tissue Injury  The two type of Soft Tissue Injury are:- • Traumatic Injury – It occurs as a result of a sudden impact or accident.• Deconditioning Injury – In this injury the soft tissue that holds a joint in place gets injured by abnormal pressure or stress over a period of time. We, at Multicare Massage Castle Hill uses a variety of soft tissue massage therapy techniques, to help in enhancing blood flow, relax muscle tissue, and rinse out chemicals that encourage inflammation.Techniques Used in Soft Tissue Therapy Different massage techniques are used in Soft tissue Therapy. Some of them are:-• Trigger Points – It provides relief from chronic muscle pain by targeting the muscles and encourages flexibility of the body’s connective tissue.• Swedish massage – It is also known as the broad handed technique which is used to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from muscles.• Friction – Friction creates heat which is used to promote healing in an injured area.Benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy The patients are treated as whole beings including mind, body, lifestyle, and environment. Soft tissue therapy is done to boost natural abilities of the body to heal and recover from injury or daily tensions. The following is a list of the most commonly reported benefits:- • Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Emotional Release• Reduces blood pressure• Pain Reduction & Increased Comfort In Daily Activities• Improved Movement & Functional Capacity• Decreased Back & Neck Pain• Relief From Long-Term / Chronic Injury Symptoms• Optimized Recovery From Acute Injury• Increased Pain-Free Range Of Motion• Improved Posture & Alignment• Improvement In Athletic Training Capacity• Enhanced Body Awareness, Balance & Coordination• Improved Sense Of Wellbeing & Positive Feelings• Improved Circulation, Skin & Muscle Tone  

The main purpose of Soft Tissue Massage is to lessen aches, pains and injuries that occur in the soft tissues of the body. A dislocated joint which is also known as subluxation, causes the harm to the ligaments, tendons and muscles around the joint. The equal amount of damage can also be caused by just a sprain. It is mentioned as soft tissue damage.
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