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About Magnolia Lounge - Sleepwear Australia

Magnolia Lounge is a sleepwear retail warehouse and distribution centre located in Glen Iris, Victoria. We offer a range of sleepwear products, both through our ladies sleepwear shop online and in-store at our women's sleepwear discount warehouse. Our sleepwear collection combines beautiful, feminine prints with luxurious fabrics. Magnolia Lounge designer sleepwear is a place where comfortable styling, top quality fabrics and beautifully timeless, on trend print designs, merge to give you everything you want from your sleepwear and more. For More Information about Sleepwear Australia visit the site : OR Call : 03 9943 2523 Ladies sleepwear, Women's sleepwear, Ladies loungewear, Ladies Pyjamas, Lingerie Shop, Women's Summer Pyjamas, Cute Pyjama Sets, Lingerie Sleepwear Boutique, Womens sleepwear nightgown, Sleepwear for women, Cotton Sleepwear, Sleepwear set, Nightwear for women, Womens nightwear, Sleepwear Australia, Womens Pyjamas


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