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About MGS Physiotherapy - Mona Vale

World class physiotherapy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on MGS Physiotherapy Experienced/Qualified Physiotherapists Our Physiotherapists maintain a very high level of post graduate training and qualifications. We run our own training programme drawing on our combined knowledge and experience. We open our regular professional development sessions to other Physiotherapists and find that they are very well received. We have three Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists within our group who coordinate and implement our ongoing education. The extra training and academic pursuit undertaken for this qualification brings a wealth of additional skills and knowledge to all of our team. It is the constant retraining and skills development that has made us one of the leading manual therapy practices in Sydney. What is a Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist? A Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist must complete an additional 2 years of full time study on top of the 4 years of undergraduate Physiotherapy study. They must be accepted into the programme by displaying a high standard of clinical musculoskeletal experience. There are less than 800 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists in Australia from a total of more than 15 000 Physiotherapists. We only ever deal with one client at a time. Our appointments are made on the half hour and we schedule time without appointments in order to make and return phone calls or write our reports. This means that we have enough time to assess, diagnose, explain and treat during your time. It also means that we do not run late. We do a lot in the time you have with us. We do not place you on machines in the corner while we do other things. We stay with you throughout your session because if we are not directly treating your condition we will be demonstrating for or explaining things to you. You can see us before work or in your lunch break & know that you will not be late back. Reducing pain & allowing people to return to their normal activity is vital component of our initial attention


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