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About Luxe Micro

If you are searching for the best scalp micropigmentation clinic in Melbourne, Australia, look no further. Luxe Micro is here to serve you. Using its innovative equipment, Luxe Micro can find solutions to conceal your head birthmarks and scars, camouflage any symptom of alopecia, and hide scars on your head, which can cause you to feel demoralized and less confident.

Our treatment can last for a maximum of seven years, depending on your lifestyle and preference. We offer free touchup within 12 months of your last visit to our clinic. You will need a touchup only after several years.

We guarantee quality service for our clients. Your personal information is safe with us. We value your privacy, and keeping valuable information is something we regularly provide to our customers. Our professional SMP experts will treat every customer with the utmost care and full confidentiality. We also offer the best support and aftercare for our clients. We understand your struggles, and we are always ready to help you get through by providing you with the best hair care and solutions.


Call us today or visit our website for an online consultation for free. Our experienced practitioners are always here to answer your questions.


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