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About Kingston & Knight Accountants

Kingston & Knight Accountants possess a membership with the CPA and have in house tax agents. Clients can therefore be 100% certain that highly qualified experts are regulating their accounts in a manner that is effective and efficient. The team behind Kingston & Knight Accountants are fully qualified and trained in the firm’s areas of expertise. The firm carries Forensic Accountants, Tax and Compliance Accountants, Business Accountants, and SMSF Accountants.


The firm constantly seeks to better their services for their clients. Be mindful of the many untrustworthy accounting firms that may subject your accounts to further unfavourable outcomes. At Kingston & Knight Accountants, clients can be confident their accounts are secured and any discussions are left confidential. If you have any queries in regards to the safety and privacy of your financial matters, contact Kingston & Knight Accountants.


Kingston & Knight Accountants

103/1 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004

(03) 9863 9779

ABN: 60 605 020 102


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