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About Kinesiology Byron Bay

Kinesiology is the non-invasive and gentle science of detecting body imbalances and health issues, then working with your body's nervous and muscular system to find what areas needs correcting and then realigning the body to facilitate it returning to health. The reason Kinesiology is such an effective full body health care system is because itís a composite and comprehensive system. It draws heavily upon the wisdom of Chinese Medicine that has been researched and documented for hundreds if not thousands of years... and then it integrates this knowledge with the latest in advanced neurology, nutrition, immunology, and muscular/skeletal knowledge,. Thereby blending the best of ancient wisdom and present science. Kinesiology is the most advanced holistic form of natural therapy available that recognizes the importance of integrating body, mind and spirit into a focused force in healing and health. Kinesiology looks beyond symptoms to find the cause. It looks at the whole person, working with the emotions, mind, and body, using many different techniques to enable the release of energy blocks, to regain the use of muscles, and eliminate toxins, reduce tension and enhance your bodyís natural healing ability. Kinesiology Haven Byron Bay Kinesiology Byron Bay Areas that Kinesiology can help your body return to health include Stress Heart Disease Cholesterol Cancer Back, Neck, Knee and Shoulder Pain Arthritis Muscular/Skeletal Issues Jet Lag Diabetes / Obesity Mood Swings Chronic Fatigue Asthma Insomnia, Poor Sleep ADD Ė ADHD Hay Fever Low Energy Fibromyalgia Anxiety Weak Bladder/Bed Wetting Reading Difficulties Depression Dyslexia Bad Memory Etc etc Kinesiology works with all the body systems to re-balances the body from the inside out! Once the body is in a balanced state it can regain and maintain emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.


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