Kimberley Dreamtime Adventure Tours (KDAT)
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About Kimberley Dreamtime Adventure Tours (KDAT)

Kimberley Dreamtime Adventure Tours (KDAT) is fully owned by the Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Community. Jarlmadangah is located 30kms off the Great Northern Highway within Mount Anderson Station, approximately 126km south-east of Derby, Western Australia. It is located amongst the Grant Ranges and within close proximity to the Fitzroy River. The tours allow visitors to gain a unique insight into the exquisite nature and culture of the Kimberley landscape. Meet the locals, visit exclusive rock-art sites, be amazed by itís awe inspiring landscape, try traditional bush foods and learn about traditional medicines, as well as hearing the stories told by traditional land owners. We also offer tailored trips suitable for small groups and individuals wanting to learn more about aboriginal culture and stay on country in a rugged outdoor setting. Accompanied by indigenous, local guides, tours can include extended camel treks, walks, visit billabongs and creeks for swimming and fishing, learn


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