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About Keystone Executive Coaching

The Keystone Difference IS the Keystone Financial Guarantee. We don’t charge our complete executive coaching fee until our clients hit their financial goals. Simple, fair, effective.


Too many people are looking for support in their business but find themselves facing advisors that:


Charge big fees


Expect payment upfront


Offer no guarantee that the outcome will be achieved


If you were to invest your hard-earned money into a 6-bedroom mansion, yet on completion were handed the keys to a 2-bedroom unit, it would never be acceptable. But in the consulting marketplace today, this seems to be the norm.


I've been talking about systems and the importance of efficiency in the system. What I want to share with you right now is a case study, an example of a construction company that I've worked with now for quite some time, and quite frankly, we're killing it. We're killing it. We've smashed the 12-month target very early and the simple fact is that it's because we're efficient in what we're doing. These guys needed to increase their revenue and subsequently maintain profitability, like most businesses.


On a full diagnostic of the business, what we were able to find is that the thing that's going to improve the creation of this revenue and improve the creation of this profit was to increase the number of ideal clients that we received from 14 to 22 per month. Now we knew that when we did that, the rest of the system would take care of itself and actually run more efficiently.


When we didn't have ideal clients, everything would start to slow down. So we categorized them, we increased the number of A clients versus B clients versus C clients. We were able to categorise our prospects, triage them if you like, and then we were able to put in place strategies to convert and accelerate B and C grade clients into A grade clients, all the while creating an efficient, streamlined way to drive revenue, but the right type of revenue.


It's one thing to get a job, but if you get the wrong job, it's like a thirsty man drinking saltwater. It's gonna kill him. So this is a great example of finding out the one thing that must move and then not just spending more money on marketing or selling harder, it's about finding the thing that moves everything well in the shortest period of time. We're crushing it and it's pretty cool to be a part of it, too.


Find out how we hit over 90 percent of our targets year in, year out while providing our clients exactly what they paid for!


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