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About Jen Mitchell Therpaies

Bowen Therapy reconnects the body, mind and spirit in a powerful way. It activates the body’s own innate healing wisdom and you find your own inner and outer harmony Jen Mitchell's passion is helping people manage chronic pain when they have been diagnosed with a long lasting condition and are then left to figure the rest out on their own. Or perhaps the pain has increased over time and before you've realised, it's been years of constant pain. This is why we offer special pricing for chronic pain sufferers at our clinic. ​ Jen helps people gain the wellness, relief, peace and uplifting life focus they crave. Jen works 1:1 with people of all ages online and within her clinic. ​ She is also passionate about treating those who suffer from discomfort, stress, anxiety and any concerns that are preventing you living life to it's fullest potential and optimum outcome. Jen has trained at Bowen Training Australia, the only institute in Australia that teaches Bowtech© Bowen Therapy, founded by Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, and recognised worldwide as the original technique taught by Tom Bowen. Jen is a full member of Bowen Association of Australia (BAA), which commits her to continuous professional development. “Live a Better Life with Bowen Therapy”


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