3 Basic Designs For Stainless Steel Staircases

There are lots of stainless steel staircases designs available in the market nowadays. Find it out in this article. Staircase is needed especially for a double storey building for you to go from one level to another level. There are many types of stairs available in the market today to suit your preferences and your home/office overall theme. In the olden days, people used to have wood or metal stairs. But today, the design has evolved from wood or metal staircase to glass or stainless steel staircase. It makes your design looks modern and artistic.    There are many types of steel staircases designs for you to choose or you can even design your own based on your creativity. One of the simplest designs is a straight staircase. It is simple and it is usually designed in an "L" shape. You can opt to have the stairs with or without railings. Some people who are creative enough might think of ways to fully utilize the stairs. There are designs to build drawers below the surface of the stairs. You can keep your shoes, books or other small rarely used items in the drawers.    Next would be spiral staircase design. Spiral design has its own central column with every step supported from this column. To make sure the stairs are designed in a spiral shape, each step takes up twelfth part of the stairs. You can combine steel and wood for this type of design to ensure that your stairs look futuristic and artistic. If you opt for this design, make sure you get the drawings from your designer to double check on the dimensions. Also, you need an experienced and expert designer for this.    Besides that, a much simpler design would be vertical stairs. It only needs a small space which works perfectly for small houses or office buildings. You can also opt for a removable vertical staircase if you were to use it for different places in your home office.    If you are a creative person, you can design your own staircase with different shapes and styles. Some people may require having a bigger railing for safety purposes and some may required a bigger step at the end of the staircase. Now that you have known these designs, look at your home and think of the designs that suit your preferences. Make sure the designs are not too complicated and serve the purpose as a staircase. 
Added by JS Balustrading on Thursday 5 September 2019
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