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About Italian Delights Tours

Italian Delights Tours provide guests with a genuine, intimate and informal experience of Italy, covering its culture, food, wine, and stunning natural and man-made landscapes. All accommodation and eateries are handpicked by Jim and Lynette and are nearly all family-run small businesses, where the proprietors take pride in their work, because their business is often a legacy that has been passed down over numerous generations. There is no packing and unpacking of bags every day, or even every second day. All of the stays on all tours are three nights or longer. There are very few early morning starts and we tend to take guests out to provided lunches, hence late evenings are rare on our tours also.

Italian Delights Tours aren't like the usual tours where guests march around following the guide with the coloured flag at every stop they make. Our experiences allow guests to explore hidden places in their own time, and importantly also at their pace. We have developed itineraries for independent exploration of towns, and we offer optional guided tours on certain days of the tours for those seeking more detailed information about some of the fascinating places that we visit.


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