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About Integrative Hypnosis

Integrative Hypnosis incorporates different techniques and modalities such as Kinesiology, NLP, Ericksonian Psychotherapy, Healing, Holisitic Counselling and Body Awareness. It is a Person centred therapy that is tailored to the uniqueness and individualism of every person. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in assisting people to move from where they are to where they wish to be, by tapping into their own internal resources to identify and move from belief structures and behavioural patterns that no longer work for them. Integrative Hypnosis involves the self- responsibility model and is not something that is to done to you to "fix" you but rather a gentle leading, a partnership with the therapist, assisting and facilitating you to better know yourself and your inner resources for change, empowering you to become more centred, balanced and have the ability to respond to all life's experience confidently and easily. Individualism is the underpinning of the therapy at Integrative Hypnosis and each session is tailored through the needs of the client, with the use of all modalities and techniques to offer a more powerful tool for change. Integrative Hypnosis specialises in the management of stress and anxiety, grief and trauma, pain, addictions and behaviours. In society today it is a belief that to overcome a fear or addiction or a behavioural pattern it is a struggle and can be quite challenging but this like a lot of our beliefs, it is just a belief pattern that we resonate with. At Integrative Hypnosis the belief is that it does not need to be a struggle or overly challenging in fact something's can be let go of or changed easily and effortlessly, a powerful thought. Our body/mind/spirit is very powerful and with a helping hand we can know our potential.


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