Innovative Splashbacks - ACRYLIC Splashbacks
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About Innovative Splashbacks - ACRYLIC Splashbacks

Innovative Splashbacks - ACRYLIC Splashbacks are the answer to expensive glass splashbacks and mouldy tile grout. Let your imagination run wild in showers, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and any vertical surface in your home or business. With the choice of any colour for our custom splashbacks OR any image, graphic or pattern for our printed splashbacks - we will create the splashback of your dreams. Our acrylic splashbacks look identical to glass splashbacks and are optically transparent providing superior clarity and depth of colour. Plus being 25 times stronger than glass and half the weight makes them effortless to install - perfect for the DIY'er. And you can even cut and drill at the point of installation. Our Australian Made acrylic splashbacks are supplied cut to size and shape requirements - saving you money on both purchase and install. By using a superior acrylic with over 80 years of proven durability, flexibility and workability Innovative Splashbacks stand alone in residential, commercial and display situations. We pride ourselves on being The Affordable Luxury


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