Innovative Crystal Healing
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About Innovative Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is known to harness the beautiful elements of the Universe and Earth together. Using semi-precious stones, the discipline of crystal healing combines the energies from the sun, moon, earth, and oceans to connect to an individual with their healing powers. At Innovative Crystal Healing, Elisabeth strives to inspire people to work with various crystals to enhance their well-being, wealth, and happiness. Elisabeth has been on her spiritual path working with crystals for more than 25 years and she founded Innovative Crystal Healing as an avenue for all Innovation sourced directly for you from various parts of the world to help you embrace who you are and live a conscious life.

Connecting your thought patterns to be a part of the crystal energy, it amplifies the essence of your existence and healing. Available in dazzling colours, various shapes and patterns, each crystal has a unique energy that is said to remove negative energy and clear obstructions. Our online store includes:

  • Crystals & Gemstones - A vast variety selected with love and healing energy

  • Cryxon Crystal Light Therapy - As a conventional medical treatment

  • VitaJuwel Bottles and Vials - Enjoy the power of the crystals vitalizing the surrounding water.

  • Ioneer - Use the power of nature as part of the healing process

Identify the problems or challenges you are currently facing and get yourself healed with positive vibrations from our crystal healing products. Get ready for the opportunity to bring this ancient healing art into your daily life practices.


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