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Scaling and Tartar Removal

Dental Calculus Removal Procedure Maintaining a good dental health is an essential part of your general health. Regular dental care can help you keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. Scaling is one such procedure that keeps your gums and teeth stronger and healthier to help you fight most gum diseases. In this procedure, infected deposits like plaque, calculus and stains are removed from the tooth surfaces. Scaling is one of the safest procedures that do not damage the tooth surface in any way. Scaling removes calculus by mechanically fracturing the deposits off each tooth. It is relatively simple process to remove large deposits of calculus to ensure the tooth surface is calculus-free.

Dental Calculus or Dental Tartar is a hard, yellow or brown layer of mineral deposits on the teeth surface that has hardened over a period of time. This usually makes its ground near the gum line and on the back-side of teeth which are the areas often ignored in the daily oral health care programs.
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