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Orthodontic treatments available here in Multicare dental are: Conventional braces Damon system Lingual braces ‘Invisalign’ invisible braces ‘Myobrace’ technology Braces have served as the only teeth straightening appliances for many years, and their result is remarkable after treatment. Misaligned teeth are completely corrected and malocclusion is fixed to restore a functional bite. Orthodontic treatment is specialty at our dental clinic. Our Orthodontic dentist places each bracket with precision and expertise, ensuring that each tooth moves into its appropriate and desired position.

At Multicare dental, Orthodontics is a specialty in Castle Hill region. Our Orthodontist provides the newest orthodontic appliances. Smile confidently with Invisible braces. Completely corrected Misaligned teeth. Straighten your teeth with or without braces. Latest technologies to create a beautiful Smile. At Multicare dental, orthodontics is a specialty in Castle Hill region. Our Orthodontics team provides their expertise in straightening teeth with or without braces and creating a beautiful smile. We cater to all your orthodontic needs and use all the newest orthodontic appliances and technology available to enhance your orthodontic treatment for the best possible outcome
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