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Missing Teeth

A Fixed Bridge: A dental bridge is a false tooth or teeth, aesthetically created from porcelain material, to “bridge” the gap left by missing teeth or tooth and is supported by the surrounding teeth. Dental bridges have gained huge popularity among people as they are known to be durable, fixed and feels like you own natural teeth. A good, experienced cosmetic dentist can help you prepare your teeth on either side of the space for the false tooth. You can be given a mild anesthetic to numb the area, and the cosmetic dentist will remove the area of each abutment (teeth on either side of the space) to accommodate for the thickness of the crown. A Removable Device: If the span of missing teeth is three or four, or if there are not solid teeth on adjacent sides of the missing teeth, then a fixed bridge may not work. So, in this case “dental flipper “can be an excellent choice to fix your missing tooth or teeth. Made out of acrylic material, dental flipper is considered as a temporary solution if a person finds it difficult to afford a dental implant or bridge. A Dental Implant: In this method, no teeth on either side have to be prepared for crowns or require use of temporary dental flippers as this treatment option involves a more complex method of fixing your missing tooth or teeth by implanting an artificial “root” in your jaw after tooth extraction, and then a tooth is placed on it.

In the cycle of life, many adults at one time or other will lose a tooth. Adults experience missing tooth due to several reasons: teeth lost due to various psychological factors such as stress and trauma, teeth suffering from dental problems, experiencing serious injury, or teeth that never formed or descended after primary teeth fell out or may be just due to old age. When teeth are missing from the mouth, it can affect the overall appearance of your mouth and face. This also leaves a deep impact on the way the rest of your teeth bite together. When you suffer from missing teeth, your facial muscles becomes saggy and affects your speech.
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