Hobart Celebrant Russell Goonan
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About Hobart Celebrant Russell Goonan

Russell Goonan is a Marriage Celebrant who conducts “ a unique ceremony especially for you “ for weddings, renewal of vows, commitments and same sex commitments and engagements in and around Hobart Tasmania. I have a strong belief in the importance and power of ceremony and the rites of passage. I pursue excellence and take great care as a Marriage Celebrant. This combined with a passion to achieve the best, will result in “a unique wedding ceremony especially for you”. Russell Goonan understands the significance of "a unique wedding ceremony especially for you", and will assist you in its creation. It's a very important occasion for the both of you and it deserves to be celebrated in a manner that has real meaning and significance for you and your family and friends. Apart from the legal requirements, there are no rules - the choice is entirely yours. When we meet, we will discuss your vision and ideas for the ceremony. The choices range from elaborate and formal all the way through to simple and informal. Russell will assist you to arrive at a ceremony that is unique for you: a ceremony that reflects your desires in words, promises and commitments, readings, poetry, cultural rituals and other symbols. Russell will work with you to ensure that your wedding ceremony is as memorable and as stress free as possible for both of you. Russell's attention to detail will result in "a unique wedding ceremony especially for you". Since September 2007, Russell has experience in writing and conducting many types of ceremonies: • Weddings: o Formal and elaborate ceremony; o Simple ceremony in numerous locations both indoor and outdoor; • Registry Office style ceremony, usually with few guests; • Commitment of Love; • Renewal of Vows; and • Same Sex Commitment of Love.


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